75 Modern Rustic Design & Decor Ideas

rustic furniture

Can opposites really work into one design theme? Apparently, the modern rustic ideas and designs are one of the top favourite of today’s homes. The contemporary clean lines, minimalist themes are being paired with the warm and charming rustic styles. The result? A fashionably chic design with all the modern trappings and one that exudes … Read more

40 Small Laundry Room Ideas and Design

Small Laundry Room

Every family home need a lot of space! A laundry just needs to be functional, well-equipped, and well-organized. Here are some incredible small laundry room ideas and designs that pack on efficiency without the need for so much space. In modern homes, the interior of the laundry is just as important as any other room! From … Read more

30 Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas and Design

Fire Pit Design

Do not let the cold weather keep you indoors or cancel your garden barbeques and parties. The perfect fire pit will provide warmth and light up your outdoor spaces. They are also great accents to gardens, backyards and other outdoor spaces. Pick a fire pit that will compliment your landscaping and fit your needs. Chase … Read more

60 Privacy Fence Ideas and Design

privacy fence - 60 Privacy Fence Ideas and Design

Fences can make or break your kerb appeal. They are no longer just to secure space and mark boundaries, fence walls are now widely used as the edging to frame your garden, the highlight to your landscape design or as the focal point of your frontage. Choosing the right one amongst hundreds of fence ideas … Read more