25 Garage Storage Ideas for Organization

Garage Storage Ideas

Are you tired of running out to the garage and finding piles and piles of … stuff? Instead of being greeted by chaos and the surprise of what you might find, get to work on a bit of organization! These 25 garage storage ideas will make your life so much easier and you can get … Read more

75 Modern Rustic Design & Decor Ideas

rustic furniture

Can opposites really work into one design theme? Apparently, the modern rustic ideas and designs are one of the top favourite of today’s homes. The contemporary clean lines, minimalist themes are being paired with the warm and charming rustic styles. The result? A fashionably chic design with all the modern trappings and one that exudes … Read more

40 Floating Shelves for Every Room!

floating shelves - 40 Floating Shelves for Every Room!

When it comes to shelving, floating shelves displays have become a popular choice seen throughout modern interiors, emphasising clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. Inspired by their hidden brackets and suspended form, we’ve compiled our favourite 40 floating shelving designs and how they compliment contemporary spaces. 1. The Rustic Kitchen Display Adding warm redwood, cherry, … Read more

55 Modern Interior Design and Ideas

modernScandinaviankitchen - 55 Modern Interior Design and Ideas

Modern interior designs are characterised by clean lines, use of natural elements, understated elegance and functionality. It follows the minimalistic movement of neutral tones and minimal decorations. Modern Scandinavian uses a lot of wood, highlighting its natural grains and tones. Here are some Scandinavian design ideas and renovation tips; 1. Cool Country Minimalist with strong … Read more